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  • Back to School Preparations

    Back to School Preparations

    So, back to school . . . This has always been one of my favorite times of year, so probably not that surprising that I ended up as an academic :-).  Since the public schools in Albuquerque start August 12, and my university classes start August 19, I basically consider the beginning of August the end of summer and the beginning of back to school prep.  

  • Pacing, not Sprinting: My Semester Plan Spring 2019

    Pacing, not Sprinting: My Semester Plan Spring 2019

    It’s the start of a new semester, so time for a new semester plan! In the Fall, I shared my Fall semester plan and one thing I like to do at the end of the semester is review how that went (as it is never exactly to plan!).  So, here is the plan at the beginning of the semester:

  • Making a semester plan

    Making a semester plan

    This semester, in addition to posts about teaching and research, I’m planning to write some on planning.  For me, this is key to having the mental space to spend a lot of time thinking about learning and the time to actually act on those thoughts.  First up is my semester plan!