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  • Fall 2019 Review

    Fall 2019 Review

    Happy 2020! Given the number of decade in review posts I’ve seen around, perhaps I should be doing that instead. As it happens, however, this was quite an eventful decade for me, and every time I think about reviewing it, I just want to go to sleep instead. So, I’ll stick with Fall 2019, which was also fairly eventful in different ways. As I mentioned last Spring, I have a review process for reviewing various areas of my life, and I also keep track of some of them numerically.

  • Spring 2019 by the numbers

    Spring 2019 by the numbers

    For several years now, I have tracked how much time I spend on particular work tasks, as part of an attempt to make sure I’m properly balancing the various components of my job (research, teaching, service/admin). I track this in a google spreadsheet by month (pictured below for May), and update it each week (from my planner daily pages) when I do my weekly planning. I tend to look at the numbers on a weekly and monthly basis, but I have not looked at the larger picture of the semester as a whole. So, I thought I’d do that in this post! In this post, I’m focusing on work, but you can see that I also track dance, home admin, and sleep hours*.