Summer Blog and Podcast Recommendations

I traditionally take the summer off of blogging, so this is my last post until August! So, I thought I’d provide a roundup of some of my favorite blogs and podcasts for you to consume, as if you enjoy my blog you will probably enjoy some of these as well.  

First though, two announcements!

  1. My Organize Your Language Teacher Life course is open for enrollment until June 14–check it out to see if it is a good fit for you!
  2. Thank you to the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast for having me as a guest to talk about Language Learning Ideologies!

Onto my summer recommendations!

Language, Language Learning, and Linguistics:

The Educational Linguist (Blog): Discussions of language and race in education by Nelson Flores.

Language on the Move (Blog): Based on the work of a sociolinguistics research group at Macquarie, and edited by Ingrid Piller.  

Lingthusiasm (Podcast): Hosts Lauren Gawne and Gretchen McCulloch discuss various linguistic topics (I’ve also used this in class).

Unstandardized English (Podcast): JPB Gerald critiques whiteness and raciolinguistic ideologies, often with a focus on the language teaching field.

The Vocal Fries (Podcast): Carrie Gillon and Megan Figueroa interview guests about various topics related to linguistic discrimination (I’ve used several episodes in my Languages Capstone class).

We Teach Languages (Podcast): Interviews with language teachers about their diverse perspectives on research and practice, produced by Stacey Margarita Johnson. I was a guest on episode 132.

The Social Life of Language (YouTube): Mike Mena discusses race, language ideologies, pop culture and more! These videos are student favorites in my Capstone class, especially paired with related academic articles.  I realize this is technically not a blog or podcast, but it’s so good I didn’t want to leave it out even though I don’t regularly watch YouTube channels! 

Academic Life:

Helen Kara (Blog): Helen Kara blogs about writing and research methods, including non-traditional ones.

The Thesis Whisperer (Blog): Inger Mewburn writes about academic writing, careers within and beyond academica, and other aspects of academic life.

Academic Womxn Amplified (Podcast): Cathy Mazak discusses how we can use our writing to make an impact on our field and change academia (without overworking).

The Agile Academic (Podcast): Rebecca Pope-Ruark discusses career vitality, burnout, and other topics with women in and around Higher Ed.

Cite Black Women (Podcast): The Cite Black Women collectives interviews guests about their work.

Imagine Otherwise (Podcast): Host Cathy Hannabach interviews guests about the intersections of art, academica, and activism.  

Teaching in Higher Ed (Podcast): Bonni Stachowiak interviews guests from across Higher Ed about research, teaching, projects and more.

You’ve Got This (Podcast): Katie Linder discusses intentional living, productivity, and creativity for Higher Ed professionals.

Organizing and Planning

Abby Lawson (Blog): Abby Lawson blogs about all things planning, organizing, and home decor.

Andrea Dekker (Blog): Andrea Dekker writes about organizing, cleaning, and planning.

Best Laid Plans (Podcast): Sarah Hart-Unger discusses planners, planning methods and everything else planning-related.

Mother like a Boss (Podcast): Kendra Hennessy has great tips on routines and cleaning.

Organize 365 (Podcast): Lisa Woodruff discusses home organization, planning, and productivity.

Routine and Things (Podcast): Ashley Brown focuses on the importance of routines in our lives, and how to create and adjust them as our lives change.

A Slob Comes Clean (Podcast): Dana K. White describes herself as an organizer for people who don’t like organizing, but as someone who does like organizing, I find her approach very useful as well.

Arabic and Arabic Learning

The Arabic we speak (Podcast): This is a podcast for learning Levantine Arabic, hosted by Dalal and Amani.

BBC Xtra (Podcast): This podcast covers a variety of interesting topics, and is the first podcast I ever listened to!

Bilmasri (Blog/Podcast): Nesrin hosts this site for learners of Egyptian Arabic.

Finjan (Podcast): Host Abdelrahman Abumalih hosts all kinds of interesting guests on this show.

Real Arabic (Podcast): Another podcast for learning Levantine Arabic, hosted by Keire Murphy and Amer. 

Sowt Network (Podcasts): This network has so many great shows!

I hope you enjoy some of these, and if you have other recommendations let me know, I’m always looking out for new blogs and podcasts to add to my own list!


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