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  • 2022 Planning Setup

    2022 Planning Setup

    2022 has started off on a challenging note for me in terms of pandemic childcare issues. As I pulled up to drop off my daughter the first day of school, we learned the school had to unexpectedly close for the day due to a staff shortage. She got to go back the next day, but the one after that my son’s daycare class closed for COVID exposure, and he is home for two weeks, not-so-nicely overlapping with the start of my semester. All of this, and we’re still a couple weeks out from the Omicron surge in my state.

    Despite these challenges, I am enjoying one of my favorite parts of the New Year, setting up my new planners! While my basic system remains the same as last year, I’ve changed several of my tools, so I thought I’d give an update on that.

  • Staying on track with a Sunday Basket

    Staying on track with a Sunday Basket

    For me, a key part of making everything work is setting up systems at home to ensure that we eat, get to bed on time, aren’t scrambling for masks or clean clothes in the morning, and are generally on track to move through the week without things falling through the cracks. The main part of this system is my Sunday Basket, an Organize 365 product that I’ve mentioned before as part of my planning system, and that I like so much I became a certified organizer for! However, I realized I’ve never really described how I use this product, so I thought I’d take some time to do that in this blog post.

  • 2021 Planning Setup

    2021 Planning Setup

    Happy New Year! While 2021 has certainly started eventfully in the US with successful Senate runoffs, a White supremacist coup attempt, and ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, little has changed in my day to day life (well, except increased news consumption). In this post, I thought I’d give an overview of my current planning setup for 2021. I have three basic types of planning: projects, action, and future. Each type has its own set of tools and review timeline.

  • Using Trello for Home Management

    Using Trello for Home Management

    Although I’ve written before about how I use Trello to manage my academic work, travel, large events and projects, and teaching, I realized I’ve never written about using Trello for home management, even though this is arguably the most complex area of my life in terms of managing projects and tasks. So, in this post I thought I’d give a tour of my home management Trello board, and explain how I use it to keep track of everything in this area.