2022 Planning Setup

2022 has started off on a challenging note for me in terms of pandemic childcare issues. As I pulled up to drop off my daughter the first day of school, we learned the school had to unexpectedly close for the day due to a staff shortage. She got to go back the next day, but the one after that my son’s daycare class closed for COVID exposure, and he is home for two weeks, not-so-nicely overlapping with the start of my semester.  All of this, and we’re still a couple weeks out from the Omicron surge in my state.  

Big Picture Planning




Because my planners also serve a memory-keeping function for me, I keep them.  Since this is a lot of books to keep, it’s possible that I’ll just rip out the pages I actually use and store them with a disc-bound system, but we’ll see! I don’t often look back on them, but it is fun sometimes to see what my days in particular were like in years past.  





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