Black Scholars in Study Abroad and Language Teaching

My blog is normally on break for the summer, but I’m coming off this break temporarily to share some of the brilliant work by Black scholars that is central to my research and teaching. The protests surrounding the murder of George Floyd have led to a stronger interest in understanding systemic racism among White people, and I have been asked for recommendations due to my focus on identity (including race) and language learning. So without further ado, here are some Black scholars whose work is central to my projects on study abroad and language teaching.

I honestly cannot imagine my research and teaching projects without the influence of these scholars; in fact I don’t think they could exist at all in their current forms. Black faculty make up a minuscule amount of higher education faculty generally and are even more poorly represented in Applied Linguistics and language teaching. Given the importance of the work I’ve listed here, which is only focused on that which overlaps with my own interests, I think it is clear what a problem this is for our field. I encourage you to check out these scholars’ brilliant academic and public works, and of course recommend other works to me, as I’m sure there are more excellent scholars whose work I’m not familiar with, but need to learn from!






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  1. Makda Weatherspoon Avatar
    Makda Weatherspoon

    Dear Dr. Emma Trentman,
    Thank you very much for this blog and for the resources. Issues related to race and Black Arabs is something hardly anyone talks about let alone discuss them in the classroom. As a black Arabic instructor, I, myself, am disheartened by the type of comments and mistreatments directed at me by non-black Arabic instructors. I can only imagine how students of color are treated by these instructors. Then there is the issue of racism in the Arab world faced by students of color who are studying abroad. This is something several students of mine have mentioned to me…

    I look forward to reading and learning from the resources you have posted.

    1. Emma Trentman Avatar
      Emma Trentman

      Thank you for sharing your experiences, and I think the work of these scholars will be helpful. I’m also going to edit the post to add you, as your work with the integrated approach and as a textbook author has also influence me and the field, and I should have thought of you too!

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