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  • New Chapter: Addressing the Ideologies of Study Abroad

    New Chapter: Addressing the Ideologies of Study Abroad

    I’m excited to announce that I received a hard copy of Designing Study Abroad Research: Critical Reflections on Methods and Data, edited by Janice McGregor and John L. Plews. This book takes a critical approach to research and inquiry into study abroad, bringing together chapters by many of my favorite study abroad researchers! Research on […]

  • Kid Routine Help: Brili Routines

    Kid Routine Help: Brili Routines

    Intentional routines are important to me, and I reevaluate key routines at the start of each semester for myself and my children (primarily morning and evening routines). While I view routines as key to completing the day in a less stressful fashion, my kids (5 and 9) are generally less committed, and this can make completing the routine in time to leave for school or get to bed a reasonable hour challenging. After one too many frustrating nights nagging them through the steps of their evening routine, I decided there had to be a tech solution for this, and I found it in the form of Brili.

  • New Article: Reimagining Study Abroad

    New Article: Reimagining Study Abroad

    I’m excited to announce that I have a new article out with Tracy Quan and Wenhao Diao, “Returning to Normal?: Reimagining Study Abroad and Langauae Learning for a Sustainable and Equitable Future”. It is in a special issue of the L2 Journal, “Study Abroad During COVID and Beyond”. The L2 Journal is open access, so you should be able to read the entire issue online!

  • 2023 Planning Setup

    2023 Planning Setup

    Each year, I recalibrate my planning setup slightly, and 2023 is no exception! This year, the notable switch is from an assortment of paper planner to digital planning on my iPad. So, what’s in my 2023 planning line-up?

  • We Can Learn Arabic site updates

    We Can Learn Arabic site updates

    When we launched the We Can Learn Arabic website in 2020, one of the most exciting aspects was the ability to make regular updates as we test the materials in class.  We added new units and made tweaks to the activities in 2020 and 2021.  In Summer and Fall 2022, as part of our research […]

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